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The Tenth


In the year 57 B.C. the armies of Rome and the rag tag armies of the Germanic tribes met in the greater part of the Belgae for an epic battle. The tribes had over 200,000 men, while the Romans only 8 legions, a mere 36,000 men. The battle took place, and even though the Romans were victorious that day, they had suffered one of the worst tragedies. The 6th Legion under the command of T. Labienus had broke and run during the fight. They were a broken legion. After the battle was over General Crassus took the remaining 6th legion and had them perform the Tenth. That is where every tenth man stepped forward and was beaten to death with fists and feet by his fellow legionnaire. These were men who have known each other for years, some were brothers, and others were sons. This was done to reclaim some honor for their legion. When this was done there stood but 1,000 men left. These men were given to Caesar to fill in his dead from his own legion. For there could not be 2 separate legions in one legion Caesar decided he needed to re-name his legion and give them all a new sense of pride. He called them The Tenth. By naming them this he let the world know that they had paid hard for this name and that they have shed much blood to be what they are. This new legion was made up of battle hard veterans and many green recruits; they were the toughest, strongest, most loyal legion ever assembled. In time they would become the most feared legion the world had ever seen. Caesar won many battles just by flying The Tenth's banner on the field. For when the enemy saw that banner, many gave up their swords. Others who didn't, learned what it meant to go up against The Tenth. That is what we are. We are the battle harden veterans, the green recruits, the most feared legion out there. We have all given much to be where we are. We have all shed blood in our own way to be who we are. We are The Tenth

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