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The Sacred Axers Of ClownTopia

About this Alliance
Alliance Name: The Sacred Axers Of ClownTopia
This alliance does not have a description yet!

Total Total Fans: 5188
Total Total Experience: 10103915
Total Total Wins: 338
Total Total Top 3's: 436
Total Total Top 10's: 1519
Total Total Arenas: 3446
Total Win %: 9.8
Total Top 3 %: 12.65
Total Top 10 %: 44.08
Total Placing %: 66.54
Total Exp Per Arena: 2932

Minimum to Join
Players are required to have a minimum of 0 experience and 0 of discipline to join this alliance.

Alliance Owner
brother clow 1

Alliance Members
warior clown 7
camel clown 6
warior clown 1
warior clown 3
clown 8 of 8
The F U Clown
camel clown
brother clown
camil clown 2
camel clown 4
camel clown 5
brother clown 3
Heavy Metal Kitty
Serpent Tongue
camel clown 7
camel clow 3
brother clow 1
clown 6 of 8
brother clown 4
Lord Locura
Ambassator Gkar
brother clown 6
brother clown 7
brother clown 2
zommie the glowing clown
boxo the magical clown
Hip Hop Kitty

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