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The Peacekeepers


The Peacekeepers are mercenary soldiers. Not content with exercising dominion over their own, the Peacekeepers have branched out to many other realms as well. For a price, they will serve as the military force for those that lack one, though this arrangement usually is more advantageous to the Peacekeepers than to their "clients." Curiously, we have seen evidence that the Peacekeepers were not always the violent, predatory mercenaries we have come to fear. Roughly 500 cycles ago, history recorded the bravery and self-sacrifice of a small detachment of Peacekeepers who gave their lives to defend innocent, unarmed nurses and children of Jocacea. Though it seems implausible, it leads me to wonder if the Peacekeepers began as a noble, defensive institution, is it possible they might one day be so again?

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