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The Nest of Vipers

About this Alliance
Alliance Name: The Nest of Vipers
We are born in the head of one man and incarnate his nightmare. We smile and say everything you want to hear. We will make you feel like a million dollars. We use every nasty trick in the books. We use you and abuse you. We will throw you away when we are done with you. We are vindictive. Detestable. Worthless. Vile. We are the snakes created by yourself. The Viper has taken control. Copyright by Rand AlThor.

Total Total Fans: 1023
Total Total Experience: 2032083
Total Total Wins: 47
Total Total Top 3's: 179
Total Total Top 10's: 513
Total Total Arenas: 1034
Total Win %: 4.54
Total Top 3 %: 17.31
Total Top 10 %: 49.61
Total Placing %: 71.47
Total Exp Per Arena: 1965

Minimum to Join
Players are required to have a minimum of 0 experience and 0 of discipline to join this alliance.

Alliance Owner
The Viper

Alliance Members
Spitting Cobra
Black Mamba
Green Mamba
The Viper

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