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The Axis Giedi Prime

About this Alliance
Alliance Name: The Axis Giedi Prime
I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

Total Total Fans: 95983
Total Total Experience: 365827430
Total Total Wins: 2474
Total Total Top 3's: 5040
Total Total Top 10's: 15771
Total Total Arenas: 47365
Total Win %: 5.22
Total Top 3 %: 10.64
Total Top 10 %: 33.29
Total Placing %: 49.16
Total Exp Per Arena: 7723

Minimum to Join
Players are required to have a minimum of 100000 experience and 1 of discipline to join this alliance.

Alliance Owner
Liet Kynes

Alliance Members
Mad Max III
The Little Bit
Solo Cristo
Whoop Ass
Donnie Darko
Thufir Hawat
Death Raven
Liet Kynes
T Bone
Count Hasimir Fenring
Icy Blue Eyes
Vladimir Harkonnen
Locust Swarm
CrAzY InSaNe

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