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Loki Revenge

About this Alliance
Alliance Name: Loki Revenge
Hello victims! I can almost taste it, It's the need to see you die, You thought you had it made, Well here's your final shock surprise, How do you like it, My unfaithful friend? How do you like it? How do you like my Sweet Revenge? Turn the key in the door, No one close to hear you scream, You'll never imagine the pain, Even in you're foulest dreams, How do you like that Invitation friend? How do you like that? That's what I call my Sweet Revenge So sweet to see you, Writhe and crawl and scream for life, But I can't listen now, I'm too busy with the knife, I don't hear you laughing, My dismembered friend, I don't hear you laughing, You don't like my Sweet Revenge

Total Total Fans: 16592
Total Total Experience: 50909749
Total Total Wins: 816
Total Total Top 3's: 1212
Total Total Top 10's: 3540
Total Total Arenas: 8187
Total Win %: 9.96
Total Top 3 %: 14.8
Total Top 10 %: 43.23
Total Placing %: 68.01
Total Exp Per Arena: 6218

Minimum to Join
Players are required to have a minimum of 1000000000 experience and 30 of discipline to join this alliance.

Alliance Owner
Diabolical Hater

Alliance Members
Uncle Sam
Chicken Chaser
gaylord the homo clown
George Washington
Lord Rahl
Diabolical Hater
Artful Dodger
Kopra Junior
Princess Moumita
Princess Helen
Princess Talia
Princess Swastika
Princess Esha
Princess Sania
Princess Takahasi
Princess Angelina
Princess Pamela
Princess Sarah
Princess Electra
Princess Hena
Princess Payel
Princess Anita
Princess Xihuan
The Prince
The Mariner

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