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Fall to your knees as you bow to the ancient ones, Apparitions rise in the halls of the dead! As the ageless circus awakes, Forces will fall as the prophecy says! And the earth will crumble, and their souls will shake, Skulls of enemies impaled by stake! Cavorting clown cadavers that spew from hell's heart! They dance and laugh at a poor fools paradise! Colours of murder and malice swirl, The stench of filth and rot makes your stomach curl! Behold the prophecy revealing itself in the flame, Funeral pyres scattered across the plane. An ever-present reminder of the lives we have claimed! Demons surround you devouring your soul, A timeless cremation of hells burning wrath! The Dark Carnival is a killing machine, devouring everything it sees! Moving from town to town, leaving a branding trail of scourge and blight! Follow the dark light... Join us tonight!

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