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Corporate Leaders Of Warrior Ninja Spies

About this Alliance
Alliance Name: Corporate Leaders Of Warrior Ninja Spies
C.L.O.W.N.S - We are here to fight and to win

Total Total Fans: 25705
Total Total Experience: 83730603
Total Total Wins: 929
Total Total Top 3's: 1794
Total Total Top 10's: 6435
Total Total Arenas: 12573
Total Win %: 7.38
Total Top 3 %: 14.26
Total Top 10 %: 51.18
Total Placing %: 72.83
Total Exp Per Arena: 6659

Minimum to Join
Players are required to have a minimum of 0 experience and 0 of discipline to join this alliance.

Alliance Owner
Phoenix x Warrior

Alliance Members
punked x up x dwarf
Andrew the Red
Conan the beast killer
Roman Hunter
Gladiator Hunter
The Warrior of Darkness
Phoenix x Warrior
The x Warrior x General
Stomper x the x great

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